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Evernight's Boyfriend Blog Hop


Book Boyfriends...

They can be strong and sexy, dark and dangerous, rebellious and reckless or cute and quirky. We love to fall in love with these irresistible heroes and Evernight Publishing has them all!

The authors of Evernight invite you to a Speed Date challenge. Their cowboys, Doms, detectives, millionaires, royalty, vampires, soldiers, shifters, even steam-powered heroes are waiting to meet you on each author website. 50 heroes in 7 days! Are you up for the challenge?

Pull up a chair and get to know every single one. I’d love to introduce you to my hero Adam Rivers, from my upcoming m/m romantic suspense, Shadows of Light, with a short sequel.
“Damn, I’m beat,” Detective Adam Rivers groaned as he climbed the stairs to the apartment he shared with the love of his life, Matthew Rose.
The damn elevator had given out a few days ago and still hadn’t been fixed. He’d already called and complained to the building’s association. The next step would be a personal visit, which didn’t make Adam a happy camper. You’d think with all the fees they paid, that the damn elevator could at least work like it was supposed to.
Despite that nuisance, Adam was glad to be home. He’d just finished a fourteen hour shift but was excited about tonight. Tonight Adam had every intention of seducing his very sexy mate.
Racing out of the stairwell and to their apartment door, Adam paused, key in hand. Loud music blared from the apartment he shared with Matty. Adam’s head thunked softly against the door. He’d forgotten the mixed CD, compiled with all of their favorite songs at work.
Adam let himself in and paused. Matty was dancing around the kitchen and singing his little heart out. Adam growled as he watched the sway of Matty’s hips. Drawn to the alluring sight, Adam found himself across the room, hands gripping Matty’s hips as his own found a rhythm.
Matty jumped, startled. His gorgeous hazel eyes were wide as he spun to face Adam, hand fluttering over his heart. “You scared me!”
Reaching over and grabbing the remote, Adam turned the stereo off. Grinning, Adam felt the tension leave his body. This was where he belonged. Right here in Matty’s arms. It didn’t matter how bad of a day he was having, all he needed was to hear Matty’s voice or feel their bodies pressed together and the unbearable became bearable.
Matty slapped Adam’s chest in reproach. “You didn’t call and tell me you were on your way home. Dinner isn’t ready! I still need to take a shower! Adam, why didn’t you call?” Matty wailed, working himself into a good panic.
Adam leaned forward and pressed their lips together in a tender kiss. His tongue licked Matty’s plump bottom lip until they opened. Adam’s tongue swept inside, dominating Matty’s smaller one.
Matty’s body slumped against Adam’s as he gave himself over to the kiss, standing on tiptoe to wrap his arms around Adam’s neck. Adam moaned, feeling his cock harden. He grabbed Matty’s ass, pulling him flush against his body. Adam broke the kiss, leaning back and smiling at the flush darkening Matty’s cheeks and dazed expression.
“I’m sorry I didn’t call and let you know I was on my way. I can watch the food while you shower.”
Matty’s glance was hesitant as he looked at the stove. “Um,” he began, licking his lips.
Adam chuckled, nuzzling Matty’s neck. “Even I can watch something for ten or fifteen minutes. You’re following that cookbook right?” Adam asked, waving his hand toward the open book lying on the counter beside the stove.
“I’ll hurry, just . . . stir the sauce often. If I’m not out before the water starts boiling in this pot, add the pasta. Yeah, I’ll hurry,” Matty said in the silence.
“I can do this,” Adam said, trying to convince himself. “What are you making anyway?”
“Chicken Tetrazzini,” Matty said over his shoulder, hurrying out of the room.
Adam studied the cooking utensils spread out on the counter. Not knowing what any of them were, he picked up one that resembled a big spoon. “Can’t go wrong with a spoon,” Adam muttered, stirring the sauce.
His mouth watered at the smell. Matty was one hell of a cook, which was good since Adam had problems boiling water. The other pot started to boil. Adam pulled off the lid and looked around for the pasta he was supposed to put in.
Grabbing the box, Adam paused. Should he put the pasta in the pot whole, or break it up like he saw on the cooking shows Matty liked to watch?
“Adam! The sauce is burning,” Matty rushed to the stove, stirring the contents.
Adam turned at the sound of his voice and nearly swallowed his tongue. Matty was wearing tiny boy shorts with a tight see-through shirt that had a slit up the front, showing his belly button.
“Damn, babe, what are you trying to do to me?” Adam groaned, watching Matty’s hips as he stirred the pasta.
A smirk curled Matty’s lips. “Break the pasta in half and put it in the water.”  
Adam did as instructed, wanting more than anything to rip the revealing clothes off of Matty and devour the luscious body on display for him.
Fifteen minutes later, the food was mixed together and Matty was placing the dish in the oven.
“We have about thirty minutes until I have to take the food out of the oven. What shall we do to pass the time?”
The seductive look Matty threw Adam had his cock so hard he could pound nails with the damn thing. But Adam had something else he wanted to share with Matty. While everything in his being wanted to bend Matty over the kitchen table and take him until neither of them could stand, he wanted to seduce his mate first.
“Dance with me,” Adam murmured, holding his hand out.
“Let me turn the stereo on,” Matty said, heading for the entertainment system.
Adam grabbed Matty’s hand, halting him. “We’ll make our own music.”
Matty gave Adam a questioning look but allowed himself to be drawn into Adam’s arms.
Adam began humming his favorite song, slowly swaying their bodies together and then began singing Jon B.’s Someone to Love, switching “girl” to “boy”.
Don't even like to think about it
I don't know what I would do without it
I only know I live and I breathe for your love
Baby, you came to me in my time of need
When I needed you, you were there for me
Baby, the love from you is what got me through
It's because of you, I was able to
Give my heart again, you gave me

Someone to love
Someone to touch
Someone to hold
Someone to know
Someone to love
Someone to touch
Someone to hold
Oh Someone to know
When Adam finished singing, Matty had tears in his eyes. Pulling his head down, Matty gave Adam a kiss so filled with love that it brought tears to his own eyes.
“I love you with every breath in me,” Matty whispered, holding the palm of Adam’s hand against his chest.
“I thank fate every day for giving you to me. Thank you for loving me and staying with me. I swear I will do everything in my power to make you happy,” Adam whispered in a choked voice.
“You do. Every time I wake up and you’re there. Every time you tell me you love me. That’s all I need to be happy.”
Adam leaned forward and captured Matty’s lips in a scorching kiss. “I need you,” Adam murmured.
“You have me. All of me,” Matty whispered, surrendering.
Adam lowered Matty to the floor, draping his body over the smaller man’s. Matty reached to drag Adam’s head down for another kiss when a loud blaring rang throughout the apartment.
“The food!”
~The End
**lyrics provided by lyricsmode.com**


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