Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jordan's Second Chance #1.2

Welcome to Wednesday's Briefs! This week I'll continue 'Jordan's Second Chance. In this week's post, tragedy brings Wynter a step closer to the answers he seeks. This week I chose a verbal prompt, "Who is That?" I hope you enjoy! :-)


Jordan's Second Chance 1.2

“Stop! Don’t drop that!” Wynter Silvous screamed, hurrying toward the movers and grabbing the box before it hit the ground.

Wynter glared up at the careless man and vowed not to tip him. That box was filled with his grandmother’s keepsakes and she would skin him alive if he were to let anything happen to it. Their house—the house he’d grown up in—had burned down and the loss had devastated Wynter and his grandmother, Kailyn Silvous. The house was the last link he had of his parents who were killed by a drunk driver two months ago. Losing the family home on top of his parents was a devastating blow to Wynter and his grandmother.

Wynter inhaled, fighting tears. He had to be strong for his grandmother, she’d taken his parents’ deaths hard. Wynter’s father was her last surviving child. She’d buried her son and daughter within days of each other when Wynter was a small child. His aunt and uncle had gone to the bank when it’d got robbed. They’d gotten shot along with one other woman and her small child.

“Wynter? Baby, come in the house and bring these nice young men a glass of tea,” an elderly lady yelled from the front step. Long silvery hair fell in curly rivulets down a diminutive frame.

Wynter smiled at his grandmother’s voice and pushed the painful memories deep into his mind as he entered the house. “When’d you find time to make tea, Nana? There are boxes everywhere.” 

Wynter gazed around the spacious foyer, but all he saw was boxes, boxes and more boxes littering the hardwood floors. He was tired from just looking at all the things that needed to be put away.

“Pooh, there’s always time for refreshments. Now go on and take these outside. They should be just about done.” Nana shoved a tray with four glasses of iced tea into Wynter’s hands.

“But Nana, there’s only two movers.”

“We have guests—most likely to welcome us to the neighborhood. Be a dear and go greet them. You might even get lucky,” Kailyn snickered.

“Nana!” Wynter knew his face was flaming. His grandma said the most outrageous things!

“What? When’s the last time you’ve had a good stiff . . .”

Wynter practically grew wings and flew out of the door before his grandmother finished her sentence. He did not want to get into a discussion about sex with his grandmother. Wynter walked down the steps, heading toward three men and a little boy standing beside the U-Haul truck.

“I’ve brought sweet tea if you men are thirsty,” Wynter announced as he stopped in front of the group.

“Thank you. I’d love some,” said a deep rumbling voice that had starred in many of Wynter’s masturbating sessions.

Wynter lost control of the tray, the world receding. He couldn’t believe it! It was the sexy man from the park! It’d been two months since the park and Wynter had given up hope of ever running into his dream man ever again.

            “It’s you, my dream man,” Wynter breathed. His snow leopard—the part of him he tried so hard to suppress, yowled, scratching at his skin, wanting out.

            Wynter shivered. Something dangerous lurked behind the man’s intense ice-blue gaze. “Well, well, what do we have here?”

            Wynter moved toward the stranger as if in a trance, his cat urging him on. “What’s your name?” he breathed. Wynter figured he should at least get the man’s name before he jumped his bones.

            Jordan’s knuckles caressed Wynter’s left cheek. “Jordan Gilvanti. And you are?”

            “Yours.” Wynter laid his hands on strong shoulders and stood on tiptoe for a kiss he just knew would rock his world . . . until a little boy’s voice pierced the fog of desire.

            “Lady, let me go! Who is that and what is he doing to my daddy?”

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's Briefs: Jordan's Second Chance

Wednesday's Brief's: Jordan's Second Chance #1

Hey everyone, welcome to Wednesday's Briefs! If you're a newbie like me, this is a post where authors post free stories of up to 1,000 words.

My story, Jordan's Second Chance is a M/M shifter story. Wynter Silvous is a clouded leopard. Due to his upbringing, he has no idea other shifters exist. We begin this chapter with Wynter meeting a stranger and a small leopard cub who will change his life forever . . .

 I chose the sexy man, lucky cat prompt. I hope you enjoy. :)


Wynter Silvous smiled, content. He lay under an enormous oak tree that shielded him from the warm glow of the sun smiling its radiance upon the park. The roaring sound of the waterfall in the clearing enhanced the blissful feeling. It was one of the reasons he liked to come to this park on his lunch breaks. He hated being cooped up. There was something unnatural for someone to stay cooped up inside four walls day in and day out. His cousin Johan was like that. He never went anywhere unless it was to get something to eat. Other than that, you could find him in front of the television playing video games or watching “anime”. It looked like regular cartoons to Wynter, but who was he to argue with an “Otaku”?

Wynter shook his head as he sat up, blond hair softly caressing his cheeks as he remembered the ten year lecture he’d gotten from Johan when he’d asked what the hell an “otaku” was. Wynter surmised it was someone who lived, breathed and shitted cartoons and video games. Johan really needed to get a life and since when did he know Japanese?

Wynter’s irreverent thoughts came to a halt when he spotted the cutest leopard cub bounding across the park’s clearing. His destination seemed to be the waterfall that was back-dropped by gorgeous stones that glittered with a myriad of colors when splashed by the sun.

Uh-oh. Wynter jumped to his feet and began to run, concerned. The cub was struggling to stop but had too much momentum. His furry little body tumbled into the water. Wynter heard a ferocious growl at the same time.  

Wynter cried out and tripped when someone rushed past him. He barely caught a glimpse of the figure before it dived into the waterfall. Hurrying toward the water’s edge, Wynter stumbled to a stop. And forgot how to breathe. His good deeds must finally be paying off. It had too. His fantasy was walking out of the water, glistening. His white dress shirt was plastered to his body . . . to his rippling muscles. A thick head of dark shoulder-length hair that sprayed water everywhere when he shook his head in a decidedly feline manner. And oh gawd, he was . . . glistening. Wynter swallowed, parched. He really wanted to sample the delicious morsel that was striding out of the water.

A soft mew turned Wynter’s attention to the soaked kitty cradled against the sexy man’s chest. Wynter stepped toward the pair when a growl of warning slipped from the man’s lips. Wynter held his hands up in a nonthreatening gesture.  “I come in peace and just wanted to know how the little guy was doing.” Wynter wanted to roll his eyes at his words. He sounded like a freaking alien from that movie his cousin made him watch.  Wynter didn’t remember the name of the movie . . . only that it involved aliens coming to earth in search of a new home.

“Lucas will be fine,” Mr. tall and dreamy said, inclining his head toward the cub. “Thank you for your concern, but we must be on our way.  I have to come up with a suitable punishment for little boys who break the rules.”

The cub whimpered and nuzzled his nose against the man’s throat. The fierce expression on the sexy man’s face eased as he chuckled. “This doesn’t get you out of your punishment,” the man murmured as he began to walk away.

“Wait!” Wynter cried out a little too late.

The pair had already vanished from sight. He’d been shocked to hear the man talking to the cub as if it were a small child. And even more surprised when the cub responded as if it understood. The relationship between the two seemed to be that of parent and child. Wynter inhaled, excited. Could he have finally found someone like him? Someone who could shift into another form? Wynter had been searching for a long time for someone like him. He was the only one in his family who could shift and his mother had warned him to never tell anyone the truth or he’d be locked away and experimented on.

Wynter bit his lip, uncertain. He could let the man get away and always wonder if they were shifters like him, or he could throw caution to the wind and see out the answers to his questions. Squaring his shoulders, Wynter began walking from the park only to come up short. He didn’t know the man’s name or address. How in the world was he going to find them?