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Shadows of Light

The Photographer's Candy--Sensuous Saturdays series

The manager and his stripper--Sensuous Saturdays story

Rayne's Temptation


  1. Are you going to follow up to Shadows of Light? Would love to see a HEA for Xavier and Jared. How will Jared feel about Xavier being his Soul Anchor? Will they get passed Jared's fears about not being worthy? Maybe they can find a common, kinky, loving ground between "master and slave". Maybe Xavier is into things that, Jared thinks were wrong when he liked it when he was forced to do them. When you find someone who loves you enough to accept, and nurture everything that makes you who you are...

  2. Hi, Yes, I am going to finish Jared's story. I've already began to write it, it's tentatively titled, "Leap of Faith". I do not have a timetable of when it will be completed as another story has me in its grip at the moment. I am glad you enjoyed 'Shadows of Light' and hope you enjoy my future stories.