Sensuous Saturdays

The Photographer’s Candy

“Beautiful, Beautiful. Hold, right there…” Sasha Yarlbroughvr vibrated with excitement as he captured frame after frame of perfection on his Nikon D2H.

He’d had his eye on this particular piece of eye candy for the last year and now he had his chance. He would not waste this opportunity. Sasha eyed the impressive bulge covered by wet jeans and vowed to have it inside of him before the end of the day.

Water droplets slid seductively down rippled abs. Sasha’s mouth watered, his tongue dying to follow the path of each droplet. His candy had his left arm lifted, elbow draped behind his head. His right hand tucked into the waistband of his wet jeans. Sasha grinned as an idea formed.

          Sasha finished the shot and scanned his surroundings, taking in the water sprinklers and fading sunlight behind the abandoned warehouse. It was perfect. He allowed his brows to furrow as if in worry. “Nico?” he called out.

          Sasha’s eye candy broke pose and stood, curious. Sasha cleared his throat, his erection straining against tight jeans. “We only have time to get a couple more shots in before sunset. You’ve done an excellent job so far. Now, these last shots will be nude, so I want you to take off those wet jeans.”

          Nico stepped back, nervous. “Um, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Sasha shivered at the deep baritone.

          “You do want to make it in this business, don’t you, Nico?” Sasha’s voice was soft, cajoling.

          Nico looked around as if for help, but there was no one around. He had talked Nico into doing a private shoot with him. A twinge of guilt tried to worm its way into Sasha’s heart, but he ruthlessly strangled the emotion. He really wanted to see Nico naked and do all sorts of fun naked things with him.

          Nico nodded, tentative. “I don’t think…”

          “Do you trust me, Nico? Haven’t I kept my promise to bring you into this business?” Sasha asked in a hard tone. Sasha didn’t want to give Nico time to think and mess up his plans for the sexy Adonis.

          Nico nodded, his expression filled with shame. “I’m sorry, Sasha. I didn’t mean to doubt you, or make you angry. I just…” Nico shrugged.

          “Shh. I understand, and I am not angry. I am disappointed you don’t trust me. I don’t know how to show you that you can trust me.” Yeah, Sasha was a rat bastard for playing Nico, but the ends really did justify the means.

          “But I do trust you! Give me a chance to prove it to you, please, Sasha!” Nico was frantic, afraid Sasha would leave and his dreams of becoming a model would go up in flames.

The world-renowned photographer was the best in the business and Nico’s best chance of getting his foot in the door. When agencies realized Nico’d had a photography session with Sasha Yarlbroughvr, his fledgling career would skyrocket.

Sasha studied Nico, seeming lost in thought. Nico fidgeted, praying he hadn’t blown it. Finally, Sasha nodded and Nico exhaled, relieved.

“I will give you one last chance. However, if you doubt me again, our agreement comes to an end,” Sasha warned.

Nico nodded, he would do anything the man told him as long as he kept his promise.

“Good. Now, take off your jeans and lay back down on the blanket on your stomach.”

Nico did as instructed, burying his unease. He didn’t want to make Sasha angry again.

“Very nice, very nice,” Sasha murmured as he ran his fingers down Nico’s back, positioning his body the way he wanted. Nico suppressed a shiver, fighting his attraction to the sexy photographer. Sasha was around five-eight compared to Nico’s six foot six frame, slender where Nico was muscular due to his many hours in the gym, curly blonde hair to Nico’s straight shoulder-length raven locks.

Their personalities were as different as their physical appearance, Nico thought. He was shy and reserved, whereas Sasha had a commanding presence and seemed to have no problems speaking his mind. Nico envied that confidence, and wondered if that was the reason, he was so attracted Sasha.

Nico jumped and bit his bottom lip to hold his moan of arousal. He’d never known he would like being spanked. Nico looked back at Sasha to see the man eyeing him with a raised brow. Nico blushed, embarrassed Sasha had caught him woolgathering.

“Do we need to reschedule since it seems you cannot remain focused?”

“No, sir,” Nico spoke quickly.

“Good. Arch your back and look my way. Daylights wasting and I’m eager to get tonight’s… festivities started,” Sasha said as he backed up and lifted his camera.

Nico blushed. He couldn’t believe he’d agreed to sleep with the man in exchange for this photography session. He felt like such a slut, but the end justified the means. Right?

The quiet sound of the camera’s shutter clicking jarred Nico from his thoughts. There would be time for self-recriminations later, now was the time to focus on his future. Nico’s doubts swirled away as he focused on the shoot. Sasha had a way of making him feel like the sexiest man in the world. Nico used that feeling, flirting with man and camera as the sun sank behind the horizon.

Sasha bounded over to Nico, a wide grin on his face. “You are going to be quite the sensation when agencies get ahold of these pictures. You were made for modeling.” The last he said with a purr as Sasha ran a hand down Nico’s chest.

Nico trembled, licking suddenly dry lips. Could he do this? Exchange sex for pictures?

Sasha’s lids lowered as he took a step back. “There’s still time to change your mind. No hard feelings and I’ll even let you keep the pictures.”

Sasha was giving Nico the out he thought he wanted. Why then, did the thought make him want to stomp his foot and pout like a five year old? Suddenly, Nico felt his resolve steady. Knowing Sasha was as nervous as he was had a calming effect on him and leveled the playing field.

Nico wrapped an arm around Sasha’s waist and pulled the little man to his chest. He nuzzled Sasha’s neck and inhaled the honeysuckle scent. Nico groaned, wanting to drown in the man’s delicious scent. “I want this. I want you, even if it is for one night.”

Sasha’s body trembled. “Oh thank god. Take me and fuck me like your dirty little whore.”

“Oh, fuck,” Nico groaned, praying he didn’t blow his load right then and there. “You still have my address?” Sasha nodded, panting and rubbing his hard cock against Nico’s stomach.

“Good. I want you to go pack a bag for the weekend and meet me back at my place in an hour.” Nico fought the grin tugging the corners of his lips. Sasha seemed to be having trouble focusing and his eyes glazed over. Nico wanted to beat his chest and howl in victory. Nico smacked the little man on his ass to get him moving and smiled when he had to face him in the right direction to his car.


Nico smiled in satisfaction as he lit the last candle. He’d changed into silk pajama bottoms, forgoing the top. Everything was in place. He had the tray of finger foods sitting next to the fireplace. Condoms, lube and handcuffs were placed on the nightstand behind him. New, blood red silk sheets adorned his massive bed. This might only be a one-time deal, but he planned to do everything in his power to make it hard for Sasha to forget him.

Nico groaned, imaging Sasha stretched and handcuffed to his bed, candlelight flickering over creamy skin.

The doorbell rang. Right on time. Nico suppressed the urge to rub his hands together and dance a little jig in celebration. It wouldn’t do to appear uncool or too eager. Nico paused for a moment to gain his composure and then opened the door.

“Fuck me,” Sasha moaned as his eyes devoured Nico’s bare chest.

Nico lost his breath. Sasha was breathtaking. He was wearing a long black trench coat. That wasn’t what held Nico spellbound. Sasha was holding the lapels open and he was wearing nothing but a silk black thong.

Nico growled, shut the door, grabbed the sexy man by his coat lapels and took his lips in a punishing kiss. Concerned he was being too rough with Sasha, Nico began easing away. Sasha gripped Nico’s hair and brought him back to his lips.

Nico lifted Sasha by his ass cheeks, groaning when the plump mounds filled his palms. Sasha wrapped his legs around Nico’s waist as he shed Sasha of his coat. Nico slammed the little man against the door, his cock jerking when he felt a wet spot form on his shirt. Fuck, it was hot knowing he affected Sasha like that.

“Naked,” Sasha moaned when he tore his lips away from Nico’s and tried to push the man’s pajama bottoms down.

“Not yet,” Nico’s voice was husky with unfulfilled desire. He lowered Sasha’s legs to the ground and pulled the grumbling man into his bedroom.

Sasha froze, eyes wide as he took in the scene. Nico saw the bulge in Sasha’s thong grow when he spied the nightstand by the bed. Sasha whimpered and took a step toward the bed.

Nico tightened his hand on Sasha, stopping his progress. “Food first.”

“Sex, first,” Sasha pouted, bottom lip poking out.

Nico grinned, marveling at Sasha’s playful personality. He would have never guessed in a million years the confident photographer would turn over control to him like this. “Food first. We worked through lunch, so I know you haven’t eaten since this morning.”

Sasha’s stomach chose that moment to rumble. Nico arched a brow, snickering. “Oh shut up,” Sasha grumbled, walking over to the tray.

Nico plucked the grape out of Sasha’s hand and held it up to the man’s plump lips. Heat flared in Sasha’s bright blue eyes as he took the grape into his mouth, tongue swirling around Nico’s fingers. Pre-cum liberally coated Nico’s erection as he grabbed a strawberry and teased plump lips. Sasha’s pink tongue flicked out, running over the juicy fruit and maintaining eye contact.

Fuck me, he is going to be the death of me, Nico thought, reaching for another fruit.

Nico growled and slung Sasha over his shoulder and onto the bed when he’d consumed the last piece of fruit. His cock was throbbing, tenting his pajama bottoms. Sasha bounced on the bed, smirking. Nico ripped off Sasha’s thong and flipped him onto his stomach. He stretched Sasha’s arms so he could handcuff his wrists to the bed.

Sasha turned his head, watching as Nico grabbed a large butt-plug and bottle of lube. Sasha shivered at the evil grin Nico shot him. “You’re going to be begging for my cock by the time I’m through with you.”

Sasha moaned, wiggling his ass back toward Nico. “Show me.”

Nico’s eyes flared at the challenge. Lubing the plug, Nico circled the tight star, teasing. Sasha rocked back and Nico slapped his ass. “Stay still,” he ordered. Nico slowly worked the plug in, wiggling it around as Sasha moaned his encouragement. Loving the handprints on Sasha’s ass, Nico let his hands fly, purring as he watched the rosy prints deepen. Nico rubbed the twin mounds, loving how soft and firm they were.

“I love this ass. So firm and tight.” Sasha lay beneath him, panting and pushing his ass further into Nico’s hands.

“Need to come,” Sasha whimpered leaning into the caress.

Nico slapped the plug between Sasha’s quivering ass cheeks. Sasha cried out, trembling. Nico pulled out the plug a little bit, wiggled it until Sasha cried out and plunged it back into his tight hole. Unable to deny himself any longer, Nico ripped off his pants, rolled the condom onto his erection and removed the toy. Nico plunged into Sasha’s ass in one thrust.

Cries rang throughout the room as Nico sank into the tightest ass he’d ever had. “So fucking good,” Nico groaned as his control slipped.

Grabbing Sasha by the waist, Nico buried his dick balls deep, circling his hips for greater sensation. Mindless with pleasure, he plunged repeatedly into Sasha’s tight hole, angling his hips until the head of his cock grazed Sasha’s prostrate with every stroke. Sasha’s elbows collapsed, his fingers clutching the coverlet as he held on.

Nico quickened his thrusts, Sasha’s lower body held up by the arm Nico had wrapped around his waist.

“Fuck yeah,” Sasha panted, feeling his balls draw up.

Nico blanketed Sasha’s body, the smaller man lying flat on his stomach. The handcuffs jingled against the oak wood. Nico growled, the sight and sound of the handcuffs on Sasha’s wrists pushing him closer to the edge. Nico gripped the tight ass beneath him, pounding into the pink hole. Sasha screamed, quivering as his dick rubbed against the silk bedding.

   “Come now,” Nico gritted out as cum erupted from his balls.

Sasha yelled out as he came. His body a quivering mass of bones as his ass milked more cum out of Nico’s cock. Nico collapsed onto Sasha, his elbows catching the majority of his weight. They lay panting, trying to catch their breath. Finally, Nico rolled out of bed and disposed of the condom, bringing a wet cloth back with him. He tenderly cleaned his lover and then himself before climbing back into bed.

“Damn, baby. I fucking love your imagination. The photographer and the model,” Nico purred.

Sasha giggled, snuggling closer to Nico. “Happy birthday, baby. What’s your next fantasy?”   

The Manager and his Stripper


“Please, Sir, I really need this job! I’ll do anything!” Tristan Quick pleaded. Tristan stood atop the center stage, his back to the intimidating pole he was to swing around on while trying to look sexy. The urge to flee was strong, but Tristan knew he had no choice.

Tristan’s slender body trembled with trepidation. He had answered the ad in the paper, desperately needing a job. He’d lost his last job through no fault of his own. He was not the one who laced the coffee with liquor—even if he was responsible for making coffee each morning for the bigwig executives at the fortune 500 company.

Well, where he used to work. Thanks to the ‘incident’, he was currently unemployed and had less than a hundred dollars in his savings account. To make matters worse, his landlord had given him seven days to come up with his rent or he’d be kicked out on the streets.

“Prove it. Take off your clothes,” Adam Johnson, the manager of House of Deviant Trixx, growled.

Tristan’s fingers trembled as he discarded his shirt. He hurried, afraid the big man would get tired of him and toss him out the door. Tristan averted his gaze, trying not to let the menacing scar running down the left side of Mr. Johnson’s face intimidate him. Tristan’s dark blue eyes veered back to the scar before darting away again. He didn’t want to seem as if he was staring and risk offending the big man. Being so scrawny, Tristan couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

“Slow down!” Mr. Johnson barked.

Tristan jumped, startled. “Wha-what?” Trisan was so nervous he couldn’t seem to form coherent sentences.

“You’re auditioning to become an exotic dancer, yet you’re tearing your clothes off as if you’re trying out for Nascar. Slow down. Take your time. I need to find out what kind of moves you have.”

Tristan felt his face heat with embarrassment and his resolve waver. Could he do this? Work in a place more notorious for its ‘special services’ than its strippers? Then he thought about the stack of bills lying on his kitchen table and straightened his shoulders. This wouldn’t be forever. Just long enough to earn some quick cash and get his bills paid off. Plus, he wouldn’t be offering any ‘special services’. Yes, he could do this and hopefully, he’d find respectable employment soon.

“There’s. . . no music,” Tristan stammered.

Muscles bulged as Mr. Johnson crossed his arms, his expression changing from indulgent to inpatient. “A good dancer makes his own music. Get on with it or this interview is over!”

Tristan inhaled and closed his eyes. Maybe if he didn’t look at Mr. Johnson he could pull this off. Imagining his favorite song, Tristan began to sway to the imaginary beat.

“Eyes open and on me! Show me everything you’ve got.”

Tristan saw the challenge in Mr. Johnson’s gaze. He expects me to give up, Tristan realized. Deciding it was better to show the arrogant prick than tell him, Tristan held Mr. Johnson’s gaze.

Tristan began to hum his favorite song and allowed his hips to sway. His hands traveled slowly down his chest, his pink tongue licking his plump bottom lip. Tristan’s fingers teased the edges of his jeans, fluttering over the button, before slowly lowering the zipper.

Mr. Johnson moved closer to the stage. A quick glance down showed an impressive bulge pushing against his tight jeans. Tristan allowed a slight smirk to cross his lips as he put a little more sway into his movements.

Turning, Tristan sauntered over to the pole and wrapped his fingers around it. Pushing his ass out and back arched, Tristan once again moved to the beat in his head.

“Fuck me! Take off the jeans.”

The husky plea in Mr. Johnson’s voice made Tristan’s cock swell. To know he had that much power over the big man was heady and boosted Tristan’s confidence. Tristan gradually lowered his jeans until he was touching his toes, ass facing Mr. Johnson.

“Fuck, you’ve got a nice ass!”

“Thank you.”

Tristan straightened, winked over his shoulder and began dancing against the pole. Taking a deep breath for courage, Tristan swung around the pole, using his hands and legs to climb. Using his hands Tristan spread his legs and flipped his body until his head pointed toward the floor. With the pole between his legs, Tristan licked his fingers and ran them down his chest, teasing.

Losing himself to the music in his mind, Tristan twirled around the pole using his arms and legs. Stretching and displaying his flexibility.

Finally, the music wound down and Tristan found himself with one leg on the ground, the other stretched against the pole with his arms raised above his head gripping the pole.   

  Opening his eyes, Tristan gasped and almost fell flat on his face, his stumble stopped by an enormous chest. “Mr. Johnson!”

Mr. Johnson had his arms wrapped around Tristan’s waist, reminding him he was still naked. Tristan blushed, Mr. Johnson hadn’t released him and Tristan found he liked the feeling of his naked body plastered against the clothed, sexy man. “Call me Adam. Where did you learn how to work a pole like that?”

Tristan shrugged, the blush staining his cheeks darkening. There was no way he’d tell Mr—Adam that he’d taken pole dancing classes when he was in college because he’d once wanted to be a stripper.

Adam raised Tristan’s face up to his with a forefinger. “I believe I asked you a question,” Adam said with his brow raised.

Tristan slapped at Adam’s hand, irritated. “I wanted to be a stripper when I was younger!” Tristan glared at Adam, daring him to say something.

Adam’s lips curled up. “Looks like your dream’s coming true.”

Tristan’s mouth dropped open in shock. “I passed the audition?” Should he really feel this excited about becoming a stripper?

“Not yet, there’s one more audition you have to pass.”

Nervous butterflies flittered in Tristan’s stomach from Adam’s serious expression. He was also confused. Hadn’t he shown he knew how to work a pole? What else was there to know? “What would I have to do?”

Adam grinned, grabbed Tristan by the hand and led him over to the table by the stage. He pushed the chair from the table and sat down, legs spread wide with a raised brow. Tristan cocked his head to the side, baffled.

Adam sighed and patted his lap. Mystified, Tristan perched himself on Adam’s lap and waited, his hands belatedly trying to cover his erection.

Adam spanked the side of Tristan’s hip and leaned forward. “Are you gonna move this gorgeous ass today or sit there and play coy?”

Tristan shivered at the touch of Adam’s lips against the shell of his ear and trembled when that deep baritone whispered in his ear. He’d never been so turned on by a voice in his ear. Then Adam’s words penetrated the haze of lust clouding Tristan’s brain and he realized he was supposed to give the Mr. Johnson a lap dance.

Tristan shifted position slightly until his ass rested directly on the hard cock beneath him. Oh my god, he has to be at least eight inches! What would it feel like to have that monster pounding inside of me? Tristan wondered.

Placing his hands on Adam’s beefy thighs, Tristan began to grind his ass on the erection beneath him, barely suppressing the moan that threatened to escape.

“Shit, your ass feels good moving on my cock like that,” Adam groaned before he lifted Tristan by his tiny waist and swung him around so that he was straddling Adam’s lap, facing him.

“Move this ass,” Adam demanded with sharp slap to Tristan’s ass.

Tristan’s lips parted on a moan as he succumbed to the desire coursing through his veins. The inferno blazing in Adam’s eyes heightened the feeling. Adam looked as if he wanted to eat Tristan for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes, please, Tristan whimpered in his mind.

Riding on a cloud of lust and forgetting all about his audition, Tristan wrapped his arms around Adam’s neck and swiveled his hips, his cock rubbing against Adam’s shirt. Tristan panted, burying his face in Adam’s neck. He loved the feeling of the denim rubbing against his ass and balls but craved skin-on-skin contact.

Tristan cried out when Adam used one hand to grab his burgundy-colored curls and the other landed on his ass, encouraging his movements.

“I’ve always wanted to fuck a redhead. Are you a true redhead?” Adam asked as he glanced down at Tristan’s clean-shaven groin.

“Fuck me like you mean it and I may tell you,” Tristan purred

Tristan had no idea where his bravado was coming from, but he didn’t mind it in the least if it got him what he wanted. Adam’s lips crashed down on Tristan’s and his mind blanked. He’d never been kissed, no devoured like this before. As if Adam couldn’t get enough of him.

“I’m going to fuck you so good you’ll feel me for a week!”

Adam released Tristan’s lips and laid the scrumptious man on the table. He rose from his seat, yanking off his shirt, damp with Tristan’s pre-cum. His movements became jerky when Tristan raised slumberous eyes to him.

“Please,” Tristan whispered, one hand wrapped around his swollen cock.

Adam hissed, watching the pre-cum leak liberally from the plume-colored head. Bending down, Adam swiped his tongue over the sensitive head. Tristan cried out, hips bucking as he grabbed fistfuls of Adam’s dark hair.

Groaning, Adam swirled his tongue around the spongy tip, loving the sweet taste. He licked up the sides of Tristan’s dick before slowly taking the engorged member into his mouth. Tristan screamed, driving his cock further into Adam’s mouth.

Adam hummed and swallowed, his fingers gently massaging Tristan’s drawn up testicles.

“Oh shit! Gonna. . .” Tristan wailed, body trembling uncontrollably.

Adam moaned and bobbed his head faster, hallowing his cheeks as he felt Tristan’s dick jump and expand in his mouth. Adam ran the tip of his forefinger over the puckered pink hole beneath him and was rewarded with warm rush of cum flooding his mouth. Adam swallowed every drop, loving how Tristan stayed hard after that explosive climax.

Adam abruptly stood, reached in his pocket and grabbed the packet of lube and condom he always carried with him and shucked his jeans. Tristan lifted his legs and wrapped them around Adam’s waist.

Adam paused and looked into dazed blue eyes. “Baby, are you sure about this?”

Tristan reached down and wrapped a hand around Adam’s erection, slowly stroking. “Oh yeah, I’m sure. Give it to me.”

Adam grunted, thrusting into the tight fist before stopping himself and gently tapping Tristan’s hand. “If you don’t stop, I’m not going to make it inside you.”

Tristan let go and leaned back, placing his feet on either side of him flat on the table and spreading his thighs wide.   

“Shit,” Adam grunted, staring down at the bounty spread before him. “Thank you, baby. I’m going to make you feel so good,” Adam whispered before leaning down for a kiss. Adam licked the seam of Tristan’s lips, his tongue stroking inside, claiming.

Tristan whimpered, pushing his ass onto Adam’s finger. His hole clenched greedily around the invading digit, seeking more. Adam unserted another finger. He loved the little keening noises Tristan uttered, urging him on.

When Tristan raked his fingers down Adam’s chest, Adam tore his lips from Tristan’s and shuddered with pleasure. Adam quickly grabbed the packet of lube and squirted a small amount on the head of his dick, rubbing it in before opening the gold foil packet and sheathing his dick.

Adam grunted and lost his balance, falling into the chair behind him when Tristan leaned up and gently bit his right nipple, his tongue flickering over the small hurt. 

Quickly lubing up his sheathed cock, Adam dragged Tristan onto his lap. Adam slowly pushed his cock into Tristan’s fluttering hole until he was balls deep. “Hard and fast, babe,” Adam said through gritted teeth.

“How I like it,” Tristan panted, holding on to Adam’s arms as he placed his legs on Adam’s shoulders. The position leaving him vulnerable to Adam’s whim.

“Fuck me,” Adam groaned when his cock sank further inside.

“Do me first,” Tristan whined.

Adam chuckled, slapping Tristan’s ass. “Brat,” he teased.

“Hmm,” Tristan moaned, throwing his head back as he wiggled his hips.

Adam growled, spread his legs further apart and thrust up into the tight hole clenching around his dick. Tristan screamed, his hands gripping Adam’s arms as the man pounded into his ass. The slight burn of Adam taking him so thoroughly heightened the pleasure washing through his body.

   “Fuck yeah, this ass was made for my dick,” Adam groaned. His fingers clenched on Tristan’s ass, spreading the soft mounds apart to get deeper inside.

“Give me everything!” Tristan cried out, red curls bouncing as he threw his head back.

“Take it,” Adam panted, slamming his swollen length into Tristan’s tight ass.

Tristan locked his legs around Adam’s neck as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “Not. . .gonna. . .last.”

“Play with yourself,” Adam commanded, increasing his thrusts.

Tristan mewled, his fingers wrapping around his cock, sticky with pre-cum and stroking.

“Come!” Adam growled.

Tristan screamed Adam’s name, cum erupting from his cock in forceful waves. Tristan moaned as he felt Adam’s cock jerking inside of him, grinding his hips down to heighten his pleasure.

Gently helping Tristan lower his legs until he straddled his lap, Adam collapsed against the chair, Tristan sprawled against him as the couple fought for breath.

When Adam could catch his breath, he slapped Tristan’s ass. “It’s impolite to call another man’s name out when I’m fucking you, Sasha.”

Sasha giggled and snuggled closer. “I don’t remember you calling me Tristan when you were coming Nico.”

Nico chuckled, kissing the side of Sasha’s head and running his fingers through damp, red curls. “This color will wash out, right?” Nico asked, worried. He loved Sasha’s blond curls.

Sasha sat up and smiled at his lover. “Of course. It was just something I wanted to try.”

Nico pulled Sasha’s head down for a soft kiss before pulling back. “You’re beautiful no matter what color your hair is.”

Sasha’s eyes watered and he rubbed his nose against Nico’s nose. “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.” Nico tightened his embrace around the small man. Sasha was his world and he thanked fate for bringing the little fireball into his life.

Sasha shifted, attempting to stand up. “We should probable get cleaned up before we get caught.”

Nico chuckled. “Mike, a buddy I served in the marines with owns this club. He gave us free reign of the club until tonight.”

 Sasha’s blue eyes sparkled. “Well, in that case. . .”

Nico chuckled, laying Sasha on the table. “Now, where were we?”


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