Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Long Road

I'm sitting here in front of my computer, lost, stuck, confused, frustrated and somewhat amused. I have my title for a new story. It feels good and it feels right. I have vague character concepts. But I don't have the how, what, when and why.


A couple of hours pass by and I'm still stuck on the first sentence. *Laughter* Ok, so now I'm wondering what to do next. I can't finish rewriting Howl into the Night, because Sebastian's ass is sitting in a corner sulking. Spoiled brat.

I've begun 'Leap of Faith,' which is Jared & Xavier's story from "Shadows of Light." Unfortunately, I put him in timeout for being a stubborn ass.

Its a sad day when your characters don't want to listen to anything you have to say. Hmm, reminds me of kids who think they're too grown to listen to their parents anymore. LOL.

However, thanks to Jared and Sebastian's mutiny, I've begun the first of a possible series. Its m/m paranormal. I'm feeling pretty excited about this one. Normally when I get home from work, I'm so tired I don't want to do anything but fall face first onto my bed. But today was different. I actually got about 1300 words written.

LOL, I must give myself a pat on the back. The thing is, I haven't really felt like writing much since Shadows was rejected twice. I almost quit writing period, being seriously stuck in self-pity mode. Luckily, I was able to snap out of it thanks in large part to a very good friend, who told me he missed my yelling at the computer screen and yanking the cord out of the socket in a fit of temper.

Hey, don't judge. We all have our quirky sides. And as someone (somewhere) once said, it's not talking to myself if the characters are in my head. So of course, I took that to mean its perfectly normal to talk aloud to one's self and get answered back in my mind.


So here's where I am writing wise. "Howl into the Night" is being completely reworked. A lot of things are going on and the page length is too short. I've gutted a bunch of the original content as well. Howl is the first story I've written and gathered up the courage to let others read, so it is special to me and I need to do it right. All of my stories are special to me, but you know what they say about firsts . . .

Leap of Faith (Jared & Xavier from Shadows of Light) is going pretty well. Perhaps Jared will listen to me if I threaten him with no sex.

The other two stories are in infant development and hopefully I'll have more information about those in the coming months.

For those who've emailed me, Sasha & Nico's story will continue, but have mainly been put to the side. I do have a short teaser titled: 'The Pimp's Money,' which will probably be the last one for awhile. I'm contemplating giving them an actual story with background and all. Sasha & Nico were experiments. I wanted to know if I could write stories that people enjoy, or stroke stories as they call them. If you want to see Sasha & Nico get a real story shoot me an email. :)

In other news, I will start doing book reviews. I love to read. Most of the time I read reviews, to get reader's input before purchasing a book, especially if its a new author.

There's nothing more frustrating than reading a review that goes, "fantastic book!" Ok, whats so fantastic about it? Or "I love it!" "Awesome!" "So worth the wait!" Now there's nothing wrong with with those opinions, but I want to know why you love it, why its the best thing since sliced bread and how the wait was worth it. So hopefully my reviews will help someone, and if you have a book recommendation, let me know. I welcome the chance to read new authors as I tend to stick with the ones I already know. Anyway enough rambling.

Have a great week!


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  1. You know what I do when my stories refuse to cooperate? You'd think I'd beat them with a whip, but no. I read. :)

    Reading feeds the mill. It gives the brain more to work with when finally, inevitably, the words start to flow once more. Ideas take root, images nestle until you can put them to use.

    Writing book reviews sounds like a good idea! Writers make excellent reviewers much of the time. And reading for review exposes our own shortcomings because we see them in the reviewed books and realize that we do those things, too. :) I look forward to your reviews, if you decide to go ahead with this idea.