Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shadows of Light

Evernight Publishing has accepted Shadows of Light! I'm so excited, so of course I had to celebrate once I signed the contract. My boo thang cooked up my favorite dish--Bolognese. I thought it would take FOREVER to eat, it took so long to cook, but it was worth it. After the meal, I popped open my favorite bottle of alchie--Ciroc...and things got a little fuzzy from there. But I remember I got to ride my favorite dessert. Hehehe, great night.

Its been a long road. I've had quite a few people, family and so-called friends tell me I needed to give up on this writing and focus on my "real" job. It hurt, it hurt a whole bunches (LOL, yes I did say it). But it was thanks to great friends like Tali Spencer--who is absolutely amazing and a writer I hope to be like when I grow up & MA Church who reminded me that I'm going to get rejected @ some point if I wanted to be a writer. The main thing was to shake the dust off, learn from it--if the publishing company was kind enough to give pointers--and try again with a different publisher. I've also learned that every publisher is looking for something different, so its up to me to do research and find out if my works corresponded with what they were looking for.

Did I feel like giving up? Yes, after 3 rejections and a couple of wicked witches of the west in my ear, I seriously started to doubt my talents. But I'm glad my no quit attitude kicked in--eventually--and my book is now going to be published as a result. LOL, I'm so happy it feels like I'm floating on air.


I'm also half-way done with Shadows' sequel, which I titled 'Leap of Faith.' I'm 99% positive I'm going to change that title however, so if I do I'll post it to my blog & most likely twitter.

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  1. Can't wait to read it, congrats! Is there a release day yet?