Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's My Muse?

Hi eyueryone and welcome to the Share your Muse bloghop! My muse is an invisible pain in the ass who has gotten me some strange looks occasionally. I'm new to the writingld but I prefer to work oone thing at a me, my muse however, wants to work on multiple things. So, LOL, there have been occasions where it may slightly appear that I'm arguing with myself...aloud. That garners strange looks.

Tell me an embarrassing quirk of yours and join my blog to win an amazon gift prize. And please, the more embarrasrsing, the better. LOL, please have fun with it and I hope you enjoy this bloghop!
A sneak peek into a very rough draft of my next project.


One thousand years ago...

Metal clanked in the forested battlefield. Vacant eyes stared up at Ayden, aeshent vampire, as he slashed through another enemy. The Aeshent felt his heart break. No matter the time period, there had been war. He longed for peace. He longed for a place to raise his family without fear of assassination.

Teleporting behind an Amazon who had a comrade boxed in between her and another, he raised his sword and decapitated her, ignoring the blood spatter that sprayed his face and clothing. His comrade nodded his thankvs before quickly disposing of his enemy.

Inclining his head in response, Ayden motioned his comrade to a clearing on the outer edges of the forest.

Once there, Ayden glanced around, heart heavy at the blood staining what was once a lush valley filled with greenery and beautiful flowers. "Too many good men have been lost in this war. It must be resolved if our children are to have a safe environment."

Connell nodded. "What can we do? The wars began far before we were born."

"It doesn't matter when it began. We must focus ontgjjghjjjhg
the end. I have an idea, but I need your h
elp if we are to succeed."

"Anything, Sire. I will do anything for you," Connell vowed fervently.

Ayden nodded his thanks. He knew Connell and many others would follow him into hell if he asked it of them. He was one of the Aeshent vampires alive and one of the rare ones who protected and trained ikspireous or fledgling vampires. Though vampires were solitary creatures and had no need of clans, Ayden had one of the largest.

Tales of his honor and bravery had spread, bringing many ikspireous to his door, hoping he would train them. Some left after training but the majority stayed, pledging fealty to Ayden. Ayden hoped his reputation would aid his attempt to bring peace.

"You and I will make contact with each leader of the paranormal community. We wish to declare a truce."

"Sire! I'll be slaughtered before I even set foot into anyone's stronghold," Connell argued.

Ayden placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You will wear this ring. My family crest is engraved upon it and will see you have safe passage to deliver my message."

Ayden pulled a thick gold ring, with a rounded face engraved with an image of a Quelili devouring the head of a goat.

Connell nodded. "Where shall I begin?"

"The Fae. I'll start with the Wolves."

Chapter 1

Glancing around the battlefield, Ayden asked Connell, "Is this everyone?"

Connell nodded. "Everyone but the Magiqui and Gargoyles."

Ayden smiled in satisfaction. Everyone they had contacted was here. He was not surprised the magical people and the Gargoyles had opted not to come. This was a Nonhuman war so the magical people would not get involved and the Gargoyles preferred to remain neutral and keep to themselves. Their brute strength would have made them good allies, but Ayden could deal with their loss if he could gain the alliance of the wolves.

Walking into the center of the clearing, Ayden cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention, "Thank you all for agreeing to meet with me."

Soft murmurs arose from the crowd and Ayden continued, "The purpose of this meeting is to discuss ways to bring peace. I suggest we all sign a truce treaty."

"Why would I sign anything with a blood sucker?" Leo, a wolf growled. Mikhail, the wolf clan leader and father to Micah, laid a restraining hand on Leo's arm and nodded for Ayden to continue.

Ayden inclined his head in thanks and continued. "I know a treaty alone will not dissolve the distrust sown throughout these many years. I propose some type of permanent alliance where we all come together to discuss possible...situations that could arise to cause war again," Ayden continued.

"Do you mean a type of council?" Fiona, leader of the Fae asked.

"Yes, exactly," Ayden said after carefully considering the word.

"How would this work?" she asked.

"Each group represented here will select and send a diplomat to each meeting. All groups are to bring news of potential treaty breakers to each meeting."

"How will the meetings be called? Who will call these meetings?" Lucian, leader of the Leopard changelings, asked.

"We will appoint a leader who will be called the 'High Councilor'." Murmurs ran throughout the crowd.

"I suppose you have someone in mind?" Eric, a fellow vampire asked.

"It makes sense if I take this position. I have a strong desire to make these alliances work and my reputation speaks for itself," Ayden replied.

Strong vocal denials ran throughout the crowd and Ayden raised a hand for silence. Ayden pondered his options while waiting for everyone to quiet down.

"I will take the position of High Councilor," Tayla, leader of the Amazons announced. More denials rang throughout the forest.

"Silence!" Ayden commanded.

"We will hold a tournament in one week's time. The winner will be declared High Councilor," Ayden continued. Excited chatter filled the air as Ayden made his way to Connell.

"Excellent idea on the tournament Sire. There is no one stronger," Connell said.

"There will always be someone who's stronger; I have to be more cunning."

"You will be," Connell said confidently.

Ayden clapped him on the shoulder in thanks as they turned to leave the clearing. "Come, we have a tournament to plan..."


  1. i have ADD so i have a LOT of quirks. the one that stands out the most is the fact i regularly suffer from 'foot in mouth' disease and have a habit of blurting out a LOT of stuff..esp. stuff that probably shouldn't be said lol

  2. Thank you so much, TC, for joining the hop! :D

  3. I guess I'm kinda a one off because no matter how embarrassing something usually is it doesn't effect me, I guess I missed that gene. I don't blush or stutter I just laugh or shake my head if I do something stupid, happens a lot by the way, and go on about what I gotta do.