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Jordan's Second Chance 3.3

Hey everyone and welcome to Wednesday's Briefs. For those new to the group, every week a group of authors write a flash fiction using either a verbal or written prompt. This week, I've chosen the verbal prompt, "Did you say..."

This week we'll continue with Jordan's Second Chance. Now that Jordan has re-opened the wounds of his past, can he finally rid himself of the guilt that has been haunting him, or will he succumb to the dark emotions riding him and risk losing the man he's come to love? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 3.3


            Jordan’s eyes widened as he stepped back. “Excuse me? What did you say?”

            Wynter waved a hand in dismissal. Jordan was doing the same thing Wynter had when he’d found out about his parents’ murders. “You are not God! You are doing the same thing I did when my parents were murdered. I thought that if I hadn’t been born or was born normal, then they wouldn’t have had to die.”

            “That’s not your fault,” Jordan said.

            Wynter arched his brow and crossed his arms.

            “It’s not the same thing!” Jordan growled.

            “A drunk driver killed your wife. Even if you had been in the car, then you could have died as well, leaving Lucas all alone in the world,” Wynter said softly, moving closer and placing his hands on Jordan’s chest.

            Jordan dragged Wynter closer and buried his face in the crook of his mate’s neck. He hadn’t thought of it like that. Wynter was right. If he had been in the car that night then he could have been killed, leaving Lucas an orphan. Jordan shuddered, horrified. Lucas was the most important person in his life. He’d gotten Jordan through the debilitating pain of losing Sarah Marie. They’d only had each other and Jordan couldn’t imagine a life without the little guy.

            Jordan cleared his throat and stepped back. “Maybe you’re right. I hadn’t thought about it like that, but I … I,” Jordan paused, unable to go on.

            “It’s all right, I understand. Guilt is a powerful tool and our way of thinking is not going to change overnight. One day at a time,” Wynter soothed, grabbing Jordan’s hands.

            Jordan’s gaze bounced around the room and Wynter could tell the man was embarrassed. “Uh, right. That’ll be kind of … yeah. I need to check on Lucas,” Jordan said, practically running from the room.

            Wynter watched Jordan head into the family room and sighed. His heart ached from the pain his mate was feeling, but Wynter knew this was a journey Jordan had to travel alone. The only thing he could do was be there for him and offer his silent support. Even though they hadn’t known each other long, Wynter was falling hard for the man. Wynter also adored Lucas. He’d never thought about having children of his own, but already he couldn’t picture life without the little boy.

            Wynter walked into the family room, smiling when he saw Lucas and Jordan sitting side-by-side speaking animatedly to each other. Lucas’s cheeks were flushed with excitement as he waved his small hands around.

            “What’s going on guys?” Wynter asked, sitting in the recliner.

            “We’re having a little disagreement. The little twerp seems to be delusional. He thinks that Ice Man is better than Wolverine.”

            “But Dad, he is! Ice Man is awesome!” Lucas said, bouncing with excitement.

            “Ice man is awesome,” Jordan agreed, then added, “Awesomely lame. Who cares that he can make a snowboard out of ice? Now, Wolverine on the other hand …”

            Wynter doubled over with laughter when Lucas shifted and head-butted Jordan. Wynter wiped the tears from his eyes when Nana walked into the room, holding the phone out to him. Wynter grinned at the question in her eyes as he took the phone. “Hello,” he answered.

            “Do you know what he did? Do you know the type of monster he is?” A feminine voice asked.

            Wynter’s heart beat quickened and his palms began to sweat. “Who is this?” he whispered. How did this unknown woman know him? How did she get his number?

            “Someone you’ll see very soon.”


To be continued …

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