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Jordan's Second Chance 4.1

Hey everyone and welcome to another Wednesday's Briefs. For those new to the group, every Wednesday, authors write flash fiction using either a pictorial or verbal prompt. This week, I am going to use both; a pictorial prompt and the verbal prompt, "I'll give you a hand."

This week we continue "Jordan's Second Chance". Last week, Wynter was the recipient of the unknown woman's ominous phone calls. How will Wynter and Jordan react to this newest threat? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 4.1


“Damn it! I’m getting real tired of these games!” Jordan swore. His fingers encased the cordless phone in a death grip.

“Daddy? What’s the matter? Are you mad?” Lucas asked, sitting up from his slouched position on the couch.

Jordan smiled and knelt down in front of Lucas, tousling his hair. “No son, I’m not mad. Daddy just has a really big problem that he needs to solve.”

Lucas bounced on his seat, grinning. “Daddy you always tell me the only way to beat a problem is to face it head on.”

Jordan grinned, Lucas looked so proud of himself, but he had a point. Jordan stood and glanced at Wynter before turning his attention back to Lucas. “Run upstairs and see if Nana will run you a bath. We’re spending the night.”

“Yay! I get to eat breakfast with Nana and Wynter!” Lucas said as he ran for the stairs.

“What about me?” Jordan asked.

Wynter and Jordan chuckled as they glanced at each other. A moment later, Wynter grew solemn thinking about the ominous phone call. “Jordan, how did she know about me? How did she get my number?”

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out,” Jordan answered in a grim tone.

“She said that I would find out soon enough. What do you think she meant by that?” Wynter shivered, remembering the creepy phone call. The woman’s voice had sounded calm, detached.

“Nothing good,” Jordan said, pulling Wynter into his embrace. But no matter what happens, I will protect you, Lucas and Nana.”

Wynter returned the hug, inhaling. He loved Jordan’s strong, masculine scent. It made him feel safe. Wynter blushed when he felt his cock hardening. He couldn’t help it though. The sight, sound and smell of the man always turned him on.

Jordan pulled back, placing a light kiss on Wynter’s lips. “I have to go and take care of a couple of things and bring Lucas and I a change of clothes. I won’t be long.”

“But it’s too dangerous!”

“She won’t do anything right now. Whoever this woman is, she seems to want me to remember her and also to torture me first.”

Wynter snorted and rolled his eyes. “All right, Agent Hotchner, if you say so then I have no need to worry,” Wynter said sarcastically, referring to CBS’s drama, ‘Criminal Minds.’

Jordan chuckled and pulled his phone out. “I promise I will be careful. I’ll be back soon, lock up behind me,” Jordan said, moving toward the front door.

“Jordan wait! Take this with you,” Wynter said, handing Jordan his house key.

Jordan nodded, kissed Wynter once more and headed out the door.

Wynter raced over to the window and peeked through the blonds. He watched as Jordan jogged to his car, got in and pulled away. Jordan waited a few more moments before he exhaled, relieved. He released the blind and turned away—missing the dark-colored sedan that slowly drove past his house.


Wynter stepped into the shower after cleaning the kitchen and family room. Who knew little boys could make such a huge mess in a short amount of time? he wondered.

Wynter sighed, his body slowly relaxing under the hot spray of water. It had been a long day and he was drained, both physically and emotionally. Wynter was determined to find out the mystery woman’s identity, but decided to trust Jordan. He didn’t have the first clue to go about discovering the woman’s identity. Wynter frowned, realizing Jordan hadn’t told him his plans for finding the woman.

Wynter shook his head, Jordan was a conniving one. He’d been so distracted by the kiss and Jordan leaving the house that he’d forgotten to find out Jordan’s game plan for dealing with the woman. Oh well, he’d pester him about it when Jordan returned.

Wynter turned and grabbed the soap, lathering his wash cloth. Wynter bit his lip to contain the moan that wanted to escape. He imagined the cloth that he ran over his body was Jordan’s fingers. Jordan’s fingertips circled Wynter’s nipples, tightening the brown-hued nubs. Wynter gasped, his cock engorged, copious amounts of pre-cum dripping from the tip.

Wynter’s left hand grasped his erection and squeezed. “Jordan,” Wynter moaned. He was so hot, a stiff breeze could send him over the edge.

“I’m here.”

Wynter blushed at the unmanly squeak that left his lips as he jumped, startled. He pushed back the lump of hair that fell into his eyes, praying he didn’t look like a drowned cat.“Jo-Jordan? What are you doing in here?” Wynter asked, uncertain if he could ever live down the embarrassment of being caught masturbating and moaning Jordan’s name.

“Here, I’ll give you a hand,” Jordan growled.

Wynter looked up into Jordan’s eyes and gasped. Amber had replaced the ice-blue color and Wynter knew that Jordan’s cat was in control. Wynter shivered, his body growing hotter. Jordan stepped backward and disrobed. Unable to look away, Wynter watched as every delicious inch of muscle was revealed. When Jordan finished undressing, he stood still and let Wynter look his fill. Saliva pooled in Wynter’s mouth when he saw the heavy erection jutting proudly. It was beautiful, the tip a deep plum color. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to suck it or feel it pound into his into his ass.  

To be continued …


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