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Jordan's Second Chance 4.2

Hey everyone and welcome to another addition to Wednesday's Briefs. For the newbies of the group, each week authors get together and write flash fiction of 500-1000 words using a verbal or pictorial prompt. This week, I am using the verbal prompt, "You lit up my life and made the darkness go away."

This week, we continue 'Jordan's Second Chance.' Jordan finally claims Wynter as his mate, but what will Wynter's reaction be when he learns of the decisions Jordan has made without consulting him? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 4.2

            “Are you ready?” Jordan asked. Wynter lay on the queen-sized bed, his body a sacrificial offering to the caged leopard beneath Jordan’s skin.

            Wynter held his arms out to Jordan, his breathing ragged. “I’ve been ready since the moment I first saw you at the park. Claim me.” Wynter wanted to belong to Jordan. He craved it like a drug.

            Jordan groaned and leaned forward, capturing Wynter’s lips in a hungry kiss. Jordan shuddered as Wynter wrapped his legs around his waist. Jordan broke the kiss, his lips traveling down the side of Wynter’s neck. Wynter shivered, tilting his head to allow greater access. He loved the heaviness of Jordan’s body pressing him into the bed. Wynter also loved the feeling of Jordan’s sinewy build surrounding him. Pre-cum leaked from the slit of his hard cock. Wynter writhed, moaning and arching his hips. The friction of their cocks rubbing together was amazing, but Wynter needed more.

            “Please Jordan, I need more.”

            “Patience,” Jordan murmured.

            Jordan’s tongue circled the pink-hued nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Wynter howled, the intensity almost too much. His fingers gripped the thick strands of Jordan’s hair, searching for an anchor.

            Wynter let out a strangled gasp as he felt Jordan’s hand whisper down his chest and stomach to grab his cock. His thumb circled the sensitive tip, spreading the creamy liquid and heightening Wynter’s pleasure. Wynter’s thighs fell further apart as he arched into the touch.

            “Nightstand,” Wynter gasped.

            Jordan chuckled and reached into the drawer, grabbing the bottle of lube inside. He gazed down at Wynter and arched a brow. “Is this what you want?” he teased.

            “I will kill you. Fuck me now and play later!” Wynter growled, his body on fire. Licks of flames spread throughout his body, the feeling intensified as Jordan’s thumb continued to circle the head of his erection.

            The amber glow in Jordan’s eyes deepened. Wynter heard the snick of the bottle opening and then felt a finger circling his hole. “I’m going to hold you to those words. Next time, I’m going to take my time and kiss every inch of your skin. Then, I’m going to slowly suck your cock, but I’m not going to let you come until my cock is buried deep into your ass.”

            Wynter moaned, panting. As Jordan described in vivid detail what he was going to do to his body, he’d slowly inserted his fingers until he had three buried in his ass. Jordan scissored his fingers, grazing Wynter’s prostrate. Jordan withdrew his fingers and lubed his cock. He slowly pushed the head of his erection into Wynter and paused, giving Wynter’s body time to adjust before pushing the rest of the way in until he was buried to the hilt.

            Wynter reached out and Jordan clasped their hands together. His lips captured Wynter’s as their tongues dueled.  Wynter felt as if he was drowning. He’d never felt this level of pleasure before and knew he would never get tired of it. Wynter broke the kiss and arched his hips.

            “Ready, baby?” Jordan asked, his voice hoarse.

            Wynter nodded, unable to speak. Jordan slowly pushed back and then began to thrust. Wynter screamed, loving how Jordan didn’t hold back. Wynter’s breathing became choppy as he met Jordan thrust for thrust. Jordan angled his hips, his cock brushing Wynter’s prostrate with every thrust.

            “Touch yourself,” Jordan gasped, guiding Wynter’s fingers to his cock.

            Wynter wrapped his hand around his straining erection and tugged once, twice. His balls drew tight, desperate for release. Jordan slammed into Wynter’s stretched hole and growled, “Come now!”

            Wynter howled Jordan’s name and came, the rush intense. Jordan growled, his canines lengthening. Wynter arched his neck and Jordan struck, claiming Wynter for all time. Wynter gasped as he felt a knot extend from Jordan’s cock and latch onto his prostrate. He glanced up in wonder when he felt Jordan’s leopard brush against his own. At that moment, he felt everything that Jordan did and the overload sent Wynter into the comforting darkness of oblivion.


            Wynter lay snuggled against Jordan, his head resting on Jordan’s firm chest. He’d regained consciousness a few moments ago and was comfortable in safety of his mate’s arms.” Where did you go after you left here?” Wynter asked, referring to the errands Jordan had said he needed to run.

            “I went to see a friend of mine. He’s in the security business and I trust him with my life.”

Suspicion filled Wynter. “What did you do?”

            “I hired him as your bodyguard,” Jordan replied, unrepentant.

            “You did what?”

            “I hired a bodyguard for you until we learn the identity of our psycho stalker.”

            “How could you do that without talking with me about it first?” Wynter would've appreciated being asked.

            Jordan growled and ran a frustrated hand through his hair. “You lit up my life and made the darkness go away. I am not going to chance losing you now that I’ve finally found you. You’re just going to have to deal.”

            Wynter wanted to melt at Jordan’s confession, but knew he needed to address Jordan’s highhandedness before it became a habit. “You still should have consulted me. You went and hired a freaking bodyguard for me! Don’t you think I had a right to know?”

            “I will not yield on this issue, nor am I sorry for wanting to keep the man I love safe,” Jordan said, getting up from the bed. He grabbed Wynter’s hand and pulled him up. “Get dressed and let’s go meet your new bodyguard.”

To be continued...

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