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Irresistible Moonlight

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday's Briefs! For those of you new to the group, every Wednesday, a group of authors post a flash fiction of 500-1000 words using either a verbal or pictorial prompt. This week, I have chosen a picture. Folks, this is also a new story. I know that Jordan's Second Chance is not complete and I have not forgotten it, I just wanted to write something else.

Alex Randall is a college student and new in town. He longs for adventure, but often has to settle for the excitement of watching old reruns with his cousin, Robbie. When Robbie surprised Alex and suggests a night out, will Alex find the adventure he's been searching for, or will he uncover the monster of his nightmares? I hope you enjoy this first addition.

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Irresistible Moonlight


Chapter One  


“Ugh, you are so borrring!” Alex Randall whined to his cousin, Robbie Landsing.

It was Friday night and Robbie once again, wanted to stay home! Alex didn’t want to stay home, he wanted to go out and have fun. He wanted to shake his ass at the club and meet new people. Unfortunately, not only was he new in town with no friends or car, but payday wasn’t for another week.

So that left convincing stuck-in-the-mud Robbie to go out. When Robbie’s blond brow rose, Alex felt the door of doom slam in his face with a sinister laugh. It was going to be another long night of watching reruns.

“Actually, you know what?” Robbie said, standing from the brown suede sofa in the family room and shocking the crap out of Alex. “There’s a new club opening downtown, let’s check it out.

“I’m going to get ready now,” Alex said. He raced down the hallway to his room before Robbie changed his mind.


Alex tapped his feet to the music thumping through the loud speakerphones in the club. His excitement at being in a club might seem extreme to some, but Alex had only been in town for a month and he was dying to hold a conversation with someone other than Robbie.

“Don’t go too far. I need to be able to see you and I don’t want you wandering off with some stranger,” Robbie shouted in his ear.

Alex winced and nodded. He knew Robbie only said that because his parents had asked him to keep an eye on Alex. Alex wandered to the edge of the dance floor and watched the gyrating bodies with longing. He wanted to dance, but had two left feet. Alex shook his head, he could see himself doing a face-plant in the middle of the dance floor.

“I’m going to the bar, would you like a Sprite?” Robbie asked.

“Yeah, that’d be great, thanks,” Alex shouted back. Alex hated the taste of alcohol and one whiff of the strong stuff could send him to the porcelain king. He was thankful Robbie didn’t tease him as much as his family did back home.  

Strong hands gripped Alex’s waist and slowly led him onto the dance floor. Alarm gripped Alex and he struggled. “Ah, no! I don’t dance!”

“Shh, you’re with me. There’s no need to fight, it’s all right,” a deep, velvety voice crooned into his ear.

Calm washed over Alex, fogging his mind. He tilted his head back, wanting to see if the man looked as good as he sounded. Eyes the color of midnight held Alex captive and he found himself falling under the stranger’s spell.

“You will come with me and give me whatever I desire,” the stranger whispered into Alex’s ear.

Alex nodded, his mind enveloped in white mist. A trickle of alarm captured Alex’s attention but was immediately washed away by the white mist when the stranger began to guide Alex away from the dance floor and up a flight of stairs. No alarm triggered when the stranger brought him to an office, sat on the sofa and positioned Alex to straddle him. But as the stranger ran his fingers through Alex’s curly brown hair and tilted his head back, a sense of danger finally penetrated the white mist.

“Your life for mine,” the stranger said and struck.

Alex screamed when he felt the man bit his neck and begin to suckle. Alex struggled, trying to get away. How did this happen? Who was this man? The last thing he remembered was Robbie asking if he wanted a Sprite.  Oh god, where was Robbie?

Shh, calm yourself and give yourself to me, the stranger whispered into his mind.

No! Robbie wailed in his mind when he felt his thoughts began to scatter and white mist once again encased him. What was going to happen to him?


To be continued …

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