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Irresistible Moonlight 1.2

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday's Briefs! To all newbies, every Wednesday a group of authors post a flash post of 500-1000 words using a verbal or pictorial prompt. I've chosen a pictorial prompt for this flash. This week, I am continuing Irresistible Moonlight--LOL, its been awhile, so if you need a refresher, please check out the Wednesday's Briefs tab.
Alex finds himself face-to-face with a man who captivates as well as scares the daylights out of him. Will Alex run for the hills or take a chance and step into the unknown? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.
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Irresistible Moonlight 1.2
Alex groaned and sat up. Feeling a wave of dizziness, Alex grabbed the back of the sofa and inhaled. Once the room stopped spinning Alex glanced around the room, confused. The last thing he remembered was his cousin, Robbie, going to get him a drink. Everything after that was fuzzy.
Staggering to his feet, Alex made his way to the door. He shook his head as he looked around. Everything was red. The walls were painted a deep blood red, the sofa and two love seats were red. Hell even the carpet and curtains were red.  He needed to get out of here. Alex chuckled, even the door was red. Turning the handle, Alex gasped and stumbled backward. It was the man from earlier. Alex would never forget those midnight eyes. They sucked him in, but also scared the living daylights out of him.
“I see you are finally awake,” the stranger said.
Alex shivered, the man’s voice reminded him of moonlit nights and dark passions. The stranger stepped inside the room, raising his arm to caress Alex’s cheek. Alex leaned into the touch, feeling a blanket of security wrap around him.
“How are you feeling?” the man asked softly.
Alex trembled, what was wrong with him? He knew he should be struggling to get away from a man he didn’t know. Instead, he feel deeper into the stranger’s spell. Alex cuddled closer. Standing on tiptoe, Alex nuzzled the thick throat and inhaled. The dark, woodsy scent calmed his racing heart.
“I asked you a question, little one. How are you feeling?”
Alex shrugged. “Okay.”
“Good,” the stranger whispered before he took Alex’s lips in the most amazing kiss of his life. 
Alex moaned, trying to climb the stranger’s body as his cock hardened. A thick, moist tongue swept into his mouth, conquering. Alex whimpered, pressing closer. Large hands grabbed his ass, hoisting him up the firm, hard body. Alex wrapped his legs around slim hips and gave himself over to the overwhelming passion flooding his body. He’d never been this turned on and he loved it.
That’s it love. Alex heard in his mind.
The breath stuttered in Alex’s throat. How could he have forgotten that this man had kidnapped him and placed him under some weird spell? Alex never acted like this. He may have wanted to get out and have fun, but he never went into back rooms with complete strangers and he never fell into their arms like a damsel in distress. Struggling, Alex pushed until the man dropped his arms. Oh god, he didn’t even know the man’s name!
“What are you? How can I hear you in my mind? What are you doing to me?”
Not waiting for a response, Alex bolted for the door. He needed to get out of here and find his cousin Robbie. Alex promised himself that he would stay home for the rest of his life and watch reruns without complaint if he made it out of there.
Alex shrieked, struggling when arms like bands of steel wrapped around his waist and dragged him back into the room. “Let me go!”
“No. If I do you’ll just run again.”
Well duh, of course he’d run. He was being held hostage! “I won’t try to run. Let me go, please,” Alex said, going limp in the man’s arms.
Alex felt the guy hesitate and then the arms loosened. Alex immediately ran for the door. A loud snarl echoed through the room. A feeling of dread crawled over Alex. He glanced behind him and gasped, his eyes widening. The sexy man from earlier did not have large fangs that came to his chin and his midnight colored eyes did not glow a crimson red. Alex shook his head, he had to be hallucinating.
“Is everything all right? Do you have need of me, my prince?” A deep voice asked from the doorway.
Alex jumped, looking behind him. A large, muscular man who had to be at least six foot seven stood there. His emerald green eyes swept around the room before landing on the man? Monster? Hell, Alex didn’t know what he was, he just knew it was time to get the hell out of there. Wait, did he just say prince? As in vampire prince?
“Oh no you don’t,” the prince snarled and grabbed Alex’s arm.
“You can’t keep me here!” Alex shouted.
“You belong to me. I can do whatever I damn well please,” the vampire snapped back.
Alex shook his head in fear and denial. Oh god, he was going to die!
To be continued…
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