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Jordan's Second Chance 5.0

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of Wednesday's Briefs. For those new to the group, each Wednesday, authors get together and write a brief flash of 500-1000 words using either a verbal or pictorial prompt. This week, I've decided to use a pictorial prompt.

We pick up where we left off in Jordan's Second Chance. Wynter has just received shocking news and danger lurks around the corner. How will Wynter react to this situation and what else is in store for him? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 5.0

“Nana!” Wynter gasped, rushing toward the fallen woman, Jonas kneeling on the other side.
Wynter gently shoot Nana, concerned with the pallor of her skin. Nana moaned, brushing Wynter’s hands away.  “Stop worrying, I’m fine,” Nana said, struggling into a sitting position. Jonas placed a hand behind her back, helping her to sit up.
“Nana, what happened? You said, ‘he’s back’, who’s he?”
“Jason Fox,” Nana whispered, trembling.
“That’s the man who killed my parents, isn’t it?” Wynter gasped. He remembered Nana telling him how Jason Fox wanted to exploit the fact that Wynter and his dad were clouded leopards for money. His parents had agreed to meet with the man to get the picture he’d taken of Wynter’s first shift.
Wynter frowned in confusion. “I thought you said Fox died the night my parents did?”
“We were told Jason Fox was the driver who ran your parents off of the road and he died as well. I’ve always had my doubts. That man was too evil to die and he had many government officials in his pocket.”
“You think he faked his own death? But why come back now?”
Nana shook her head, settling into a kitchen chair. “I wish I knew.”
“We’re going to find out,” Jonas said grimly, taking his cellphone out.
“Who are you calling?”
“A friend. We need to know everything we can about Jason Fox as well as our mystery woman,” Jonas said, referring to the mystery woman who was making threatening phone calls to Jordan.
Wynter glanced around, realizing Jordan wasn’t in the room. Where had he gone? Wynter wandered through the house, frowning when he didn’t spot Jordan anywhere. Lucas, Jordan’s son, was still asleep upstairs. Wynter walked to the back of the house, toward the patio. “Jordan?” he called.
A hand grabbed Wynter’s arm before he could open the patio door. Wynter squeaked, his heart pounding. Struggling, Wynter opened his mouth to scream when he felt a hand press against his lips, silencing the scream before it could begin. He was dragged against a hard chest and pulled away from the door.
“Babe, calm down, it’s me!” Jordan demanded.
Wynter slumped in relief. He turned in Jordan’s arms and glared up at him. “Where were you and why are you hiding?”
“We’re being watched. This is the third time I’ve seen the same car drive down the street,” Jordan said, inclining his head toward the patio doors.
“What do you mean, we’re being watched? Do you know who it is?” Wynter asked, reaching for the blinds covering the patio door.
“What the hell are you doing? Stop!” Jordan grabbed Wynter’s hand and pulled him back against his chest.
“I don’t want whoever the hell that is to know that we’re onto them. If whoever it is thinks we’re still ignorant to their presence, they may slip up and make a mistake.”
Wynter nodded, he hadn’t thought of that. “Oh!” Wynter gasped. “Nana says the man who killed my parents may still be alive after all and that he might try to come after me again.”
“Shit!” Jordan ran his fingers roughly through his hair in frustration.
“What are we going to do?” Wynter whispered, feeling fear creep in. Not only did they have to worry about some psycho woman after Jordan because she blamed him for the death of his wife, but they also had to deal with a man who wanted to kidnap him because he could shift into a clouded leopard.
Jordan grabbed Wynter’s hand and entwined their fingers. He leaned down and gently kissed Wynter until the tension drained from his body. “We need to let Jonas know about the car and come up with a plan to catch both sons of bitches. It’s going to be a long night, babe.”
“I need a drink,” Wynter muttered and followed Jordan into the kitchen.
To be continued…
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