Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jordan's Second Chance 5.1

Welcome to another addition to Wednesday's Briefs! For those new to the group, each Wednesday authors post a flash fiction using either a pictorial or verbal prompt. This week, I've chosen to use the verbal prompt, "You have only two choices here. Choose wisely."

This week we continue with Jordan's Second Chance. Jordan has decided to investigate the dangers surrounding Wynter. Will Jordan finally get the answers he is searching for, or will danger find him where he least expects it? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 5.1
            “I’m not sure if this is a good idea. Whoever is in that car could see us coming,” Jordan muttered, slowly creeping toward the dark-colored sedan.
            “We want to catch this bastard by surprise, that’s why we decided to wait until dark and pretended we were leaving,” Jonas replied.
             “Since it’s your plan, you’re going back for the car.”
            Jonas snorted. “Quit being a sourpuss, Wynter won’t stay mad at you forever.”
            “That’s easy for you to say, you weren’t the one dodging shoe missiles,” Jordan growled, remembering the shock he’d felt when Wynter had thrown the first shoe when Jordan had forbidden him to come with them. Wynter had been livid when he learned he wasn’t going to be a part of their little reconnaissance team. Jordan hoped this time apart helped Wynter calm down. He had no desire to dodge shoes for the rest of the night.
            “What the hell? It’s empty,” Jonas muttered peering into the car.
            Jordan shook his head, he needed to get his head back in the game. “Shit, do you think he saw us coming and abandoned the car?” Jordan asked.
            Jonas shook his head. “It’s possible, but I don’t think so,” Jonas replied, reaching for the door handle.
            “Wait! What are you doing? What if there’s an alarm?” Jordan tried to keep his voice low. What was Jonas thinking?
            Jonas just grinned over the hood of the car at him and opened the passenger door. Jordan rolled his eyes and opened the driver’s side door in time to see Jonas pick up a stack of what looked to be photos.
            “What the hell is this?” Jordan asked, catching a glimpse of one photo. The photo was of him and Wynter, taken on the day they first met at the park.
            “Whoever this is, they’ve been watching you for a while.”
Jonas handed over the other pictures. The majority of the pictures were of Jordan, but a couple of the shots were of Wynter and his son Lucas. “Do you think it was Jason Fox?” Jordan asked, referring to the man who was responsible for Wynter’s parents’ deaths.
“That’s who I’m leaning toward, but we still have the mystery woman out there. We still don’t know her identity,” Jonas said, searching the dashboard and pulling up the arm rest, both compartments were empty.
“Damn it! This is like a bad crime drama. Who the hell seriously has two completely different people trying to kill them?”
Jonas arched an eyebrow and shot a pointed look at Jordan. Chuckling, Jordan shook his head and got out of the car. “Let’s head back.”
Jordan cautiously stepped through the front door, keeping an eye out for any flying tennis shoes. He started to breathe a sigh of relief, until he spotted Wynter standing in the family room, his arms crossed over his chest and foot tapping impatiently.
“Hey babe, what’s up?” Jordan asked, hoping in vain that the small man wasn’t still in a snit.
“Don’t, ‘hey babe’ me! I can’t believe you actually left me here like I’m a child!”
“I’m going to check on Nana,” Jonas said, heading toward the kitchen.
Jordan nodded and turned his attention back toward Wynter. “You’re safe here Wynter. Someone is trying to kill you, there is no way I’m going to put your life in danger.”
“You’re in just as much danger as I am. Jordan, I won’t…” Wynter trailed off, his face paling.
Jordan spun around, searching. The sudden fear emanating from Wynter triggering his protective instincts. Jordan’s jaw dropped in shock when he spotted the slender red-headed woman standing in the front door with a gun in her hand.
“It can’t be,” Jordan whispered. He knew this woman.
“You have only two choices here. Choose wisely.”
To be continued…  
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