Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rayne's Temptation coming November 23, 2015!

Hey everyone! I have a Romance on the Go coming out on 11-23-2015! Be sure and pick up a copy!

Rayne Thurston has just gotten out of an abusive relationship and the only thing he wants to do is live a peaceful life. Rayne’s new job is anything but peaceful. Rayne’s boss, Colin Edwards is always on his case and to top it off, Rayne finds himself attracted to the powerful man. As the two fight the attraction between them, danger stalks Rayne. Will the two be able to overcome their differences to find their HEA?
Strong hands grabbed Rayne’s waist and pulled him back into a tall, muscular chest. “You look so damn sexy. It makes me want to fuck you in front of everyone and show them who you belong to,” a husky voice whispered in his ear.
Rayne jumped, his heart thundering. It was Colin! He tried to turn, but the hands gripping him kept him in place. Looking up, Rayne gasped. Colin’s dark hair fell across his eyebrows. Jade-colored eyes were hot enough to scorch the Sahara desert. The steady beat from the music and Colin’s body leading his in a slow, provocative dance melted any resistance Rayne had.
He’d promised himself tonight was about fun. Why should he deny himself the pleasure of indulging in his secret fantasy? Monday would take care of itself, but tonight Rayne was going to follow the sexy CEO all the way to the end.
Losing himself in the music and Colin’s wandering hands, Rayne melted against the body behind him. Colin plastered himself to Rayne’s body, grinding his stiff cock against Rayne’s ass. Rayne shuddered and pushed back against Colin, enjoying the strong arms that embraced him. He’d never felt so sexy before. Colin was awakening feelings in him he’d never experienced before, and he wanted more.
Spinning around, Rayne looped his arms around Colin’s neck. The heat between them intensified, and the world melted away as green eyes locked with gray. Colin’s hands drifted down Rayne’s back and squeezed his ass. Rayne shuddered and pressed back. Licking his lips, Rayne stood on tiptoe and was met with firm succulent lips. Colin’s tongue traced Rayne’s mouth before sweeping inside. Rayne moaned, trying to climb into the man’s skin.
Colin broke the kiss and nibbled down to Rayne’s ear. “Follow me,” temptation whispered. Dazed, Rayne nodded and followed the sexy man.

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