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Jordan's Second Chance 1.3


Hey everyone and welcome back to another addition of Wednesday's Briefs. A place where authors post free flash fiction of 1,000 words or less. This week, I decided to use the written prompt; "I think I understand now why . . ."

This week, we continue from where we left off last time. Wynter has finally found the sexy man from the park and sparks fly! But Rayne discovers a secret that sends his emotions reeling. I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 1.3

Wynter jumped backward, face flaming with embarrassment. He looked toward his grandmother, too mortified to look Jordan in the eye. He couldn’t believe he’d acted like a slut and practically committed himself to a stranger.

What was going on? And why was his cat going crazy inside of him, trying to rush back to Jordan? Wynter didn’t know a lot about his cat. He’d shifted once when he was fifteen, his mom had seen the shift and been terrified. She’d made him promise to keep his cat a secret and to never talk about it.

She had murmured that he made a beautiful clouded leopard and taught him how to shift back to his human form. After that, Wynter had never spoken of it or shifted again. It had physically and mentally hurt not shifting. He’d felt alone and like a freak. Were there others like him? Did their skin itch and feel as if something were trying to get out? How did they get along with the other personality living inside of them? Wynter had so many questions, but no one to turn to. Maybe now he did. Wynter looked at Jordan out of the corner of his eye.  Could this man be what he’d been waiting for?

“Y'all come in the house and I’ll make some snacks,” Wynter’s grandmother yelled, pulling the little boy into the house.

Wynter smiled at Jordan. Jordan placed his hand on the small of Wynter’s back and escorted him in. Wynter shook his head, perplexed on why he wasn’t angry that Jordan was treating him like the ‘little lady’.

“Excuse the mess,” Kailyn said.

“Nana, we just moved in today. They understand.”

“No apologies needed,” Jordan said as they walked into the kitchen.

Nana reached over into a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ jar and pulled out a homemade chocolate chip cookie and handed it to the little boy, who quickly snatched, mumbled his thanks and scared it down like it was his last meal.

Wynter smiled, feeling a contentment he hadn’t felt since his parents’ deaths. He walked over and knelt before the little boy, introducing himself. “Hi, I’m Wynter.”

Wynter held his hand out. The little boy lifted his nose and subtly sniffed the air. “I’m Lucas, and that’s my dad, Jordan. We just moved here so I don’t know anybody. I don’t have any friends yet. Will you be my friend? I mean if it’s all right with my dad,” Lucas added quickly, glancing at his father.

Wynter smiled, fighting the tears gathering in his eyes. Lucas was adorable. “I’d love to be your friend. And your dad’s too, if that’s all right?” Wynter asked, remembering the little boy’s violent reaction a little while ago when he and Jordan had almost kissed.

Lucas shrugged. “I don’t mind. My dad doesn’t have any friends either and I think sometimes he gets lonely. I thought you were trying to hurt him and that’s why I got mad. But Nana said you were really nice and wouldn’t do that to my dad.”

Wynter nodded, dazed. Did all little boys talk a mile a minute? Wynter was afraid Lucas would pass out from lack of oxygen. Jordan laughed, startling Wynter. He hadn’t said a word since entering the kitchen.

“I’ve learned to let Lucas say what he needs to. Otherwise, he’ll bug you until you agree.”

Wynter laughed. “He seems like a great kid.”

“He is. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me,” Jordan said.

Wynter cocked his head at the strange note he heard in Jordan’s voice. Before he could ask about it, he heard a shocked squeak. He glanced down and gasped. It was a small leopard cub. The same cub he’d seen that day at the park when he’d met Jordan.

“Lucas, is that you?” he asked, dazed.

Lucas purred, rubbing against his legs. Wynter reached down and grabbed him, cuddling him against his chest. He was filled with awe. Was this how his mom felt when she’d seen him shift for the first time? This overwhelming protectiveness?

Wynter turned to Jordan, stunned to see approval in his ice-blue eyes. “I think I understand now why my mother told me never to shift in front of anyone,” he murmured. He wasn’t Lucas’s parent, but he felt strangely protective of the little boy and he knew he’d do anything to keep Lucas safe.

Jordan nodded in satisfaction. “It is your right.”

Wynter’s brows rose surprise. What did he mean by that and why was nana wearing an ‘oh no’ expression?

To be continued . . .
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