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Jordan's Second Chance 2.0

Hey everyone! Welcome to Wednesday's Briefs! This is where authors post free flash fiction of 1,000 words or less. This week, I decided to go with the visual prompt, "ice cream."

This week we continue with Jordan's Second Chance. Wynter visits Jordan's home in search for answers, but is distracted by the sexy man's seductive ways . . .

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Jordan’s Second Chance 2.0

Wynter wandered through the house, straightening up their newly decorated home. He glanced toward the kitchen, debating going in there and demanding an explanation from his nana. A week ago, Wynter had once again run into Jordan—the man of his dreams. He’d learned, Jordan had a small son named Lucas and that he was a leopard shifter.

Wynter had also learned something else. He and Jordan were somehow tied together. Wynter could feel it, like an invisible tether that bound the two men together. His leopard urged him to hunt the man down and rub his scent over his body.

Wynter had never felt anything like this and he fought his leopard’s need to track Jordan. Wynter bit his thumb nail, glancing between the kitchen and front door. Would he learn anything if he confronted his nana or should he try to get the information he needed from Jordan? Wynter glanced toward the kitchen once more and sighed. His nana had never talked about his ability to shift. His family had always urged Wynter to keep his leopard a secret, so he’d always suppressed his animalistic instincts and denied that side of him. It had hurt, but his family knew best. Right?

Wynter walked into the foyer and grabbed his jacket and car keys. He was going to speak with Jordan and hopefully the man would give him the answers he was seeking. Wynter knew his nana was a lost cause. She was a stubborn woman and wouldn’t tell him anything until she was good and ready. Jogging to his car, Wynter drove the few blocks to Jordan’s place.


After parking his car, Wynter made his way to Jordan’s home. He closed the gate behind him and followed the winding path to the brick duplex. He enjoyed the profusion of colorful flowers planted throughout the large yard. There was an enormous oak tree off to the side of the building that would be perfect for taking an afternoon nap under.

Wynter heard a childish shriek of laughter and followed the happy sound to the backyard, smiling. Wynter quickened his steps, he’d quickly grown attached to Lucas and couldn’t wait to see what the impish little boy had gotten into.

Wynter chuckled when he got to the backyard. Lucas was running around, chocolate smeared all over his face and Jordan chased him, his expression harried. Lucas must have spotted him, because he changed course and barreled toward him. “Wynter!” he screamed. Lucas launched himself at Wynter, wrapping his arms and legs around him. “Save me,” he whimpered, trying to climb higher.

Wynter grunted and grabbed Lucas. The little runt’s elbow knocked him on the side of his head. Wynter grabbed the squirming bundle and positioned him behind his back, piggyback. “I hear you’re looking for something?” he asked Jordan, suddenly feeling mischievous.

Jade eyes gleamed with merriment. “As a matter of fact I am. I was thinking of having baby-back ribs tonight. Would you care to join me?”

“No, run!” Lucas screamed, pulling fistfuls of Wynter’s hair.

Wynter’s eyes widened in shock, before a laugh escaped. He took off running, Lucas wrapped securely around him. Jordan chased them, the yard filled with the sound of their laughter. They continued for a few more moments, before Lucas begged to get down.

 “I have to go to the bathroom,” he announced, running toward the house.

“Wash that ice cream off of your face while you’re in there,” Jordan yelled to the fleeing child.

Wynter chuckled, turning toward Jordan. “Chocolate, huh?”

Jordan nodded, stepping closer. “My favorite. I bet it would taste even better if I licked it off of your skin.”

Wynter’s breathing deepened. He moved toward Jordan, meeting him halfway. “Would you like to find out?”

“Hell yeah,” Jordan groaned. He lowered his head, his lips a breath away . . .  

“Who wants ice cream?” Lucas yelled, running out the backdoor, chocolate ice cream container in hand.

To be continued. . .  

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