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Jordan's Second Chance 2.1

Hello everyone and welcome back to Wednesday's Briefs. For those new to the group, each Wednesday authors will post flash fiction of 500-1000 words using a prompt. This week, I've chosen to use two prompts: "have a character burn food," and "I am not eating that".

This week, we continue with 'Jordan's Second Chance'. Wynter's Nana has decided to finally reveal the truth of his past to him. I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 2.1

            Wynter pressed his lips together as he glanced between Jordan and Nana. “I know the both of you are keeping something from me and I’m tired of trying to figure it out. It makes me feel stupid.” Wynter hated exposing his emotions like that, but he was tired of the guessing game. He wanted the truth.

            Nana looked at Jordan who gave a slight nod. “Very well. You may not like the answers, but I’ll tell you all that I know. I only ask that you wait until later, after the little one has been put to bed.”

Wynter nodded. “Fair enough.”

“Good. Watch the food, it’s almost done. I’ll be back in a little while.” Nana clapped her hands and walked out of the kitchen, calling for Lucas to follow her.

Wynter watched the pair leave and shook his head. He’d gone to Jordan’s place to get answers, but somehow his Nana knew because she’d called Jordan and asked him not to say anything without her present. Jordan had persuaded Wynter to return home and give Nana a chance to explain by reminding him how much his Nana loved him and was only trying to protect him. Wynter wondered when the two had had time to become close enough to exchange phone numbers. He shook his head. Now was not the time. He’d figure that puzzle out later.

“Wynter! Wynter! It’s burning!” Jordan yelled, running toward the wall oven and opening it.

Wynter gasped, rushing forward. He began fanning the smoke that billowed out. Wynter grabbed the pan mitts, pulling the darkened glass casserole dish out. The blackened meat sizzled with angry accusation. Wynter groaned and waved a hovering Jordan away, turning the overhead fan on. Nana was going to kill him! She’d asked him to watch the food because it was almost ready, but he’d been too lost in thought. “Open the window,” Wynter yelled over the loud blaring sound.

Jordan moved over to the window next to the stove and opened it. “What’s going on in here?” Nana cried out when she reached the kitchen doorway. She leaned against the archway as she held her chest and panted.

“Nothing!” Wynter yelled as he grabbed his cellphone. He input his code and breathed a sigh of relief as the blaring stopped.

Nana seemed about to say something but the home telephone interrupted her. She grabbed the phone and answered it. She assured the person on the other end that everything was fine and hung up. Expression stern, she gazed at Wynter. Embarrassed, Wynter dropped his head.

“Eww, gross! I’m not eating that! I don’t have to, right, Dad?” Lucas asked.

Jordan’s face was red as he bent over and howled with laughter. He held his side as he gasped for breath. Wynter glared at him. He didn’t think it was that funny. He wasn’t the first person to burn food. Wynter stuck his tongue out at Jordan, who laughed harder.

Wynter rolled his eyes and squatted in front of Lucas. “No, sweetie, you don’t have to eat this. How would you like to eat pizza?”

“Yay! With pepperoni?” Lucas asked, eager.

“Of course, anything else?”  

“No, thank you. I want it! I want it, please!” Lucas bounced in place, his cherub cheeks rosy with excitement.

“I’ll order from your favorite place,” Jordan said, his laughter now under control. Lucas leapt toward his dad, his young predatory gaze intent as Jordan placed the order.

Wynter leaned against the island and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere. Lucas and Jordan were beginning to feel like home. Although his mind rebelled and said it was too soon to feel this way, his leopard mewed its contentment. Wynter sighed and decided to enjoy the moment, because he knew by the end of the night, his world would change forever.

To be continued. . .  
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