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Jordan's Second Chance 3.0

Hey everyone and welcome to Wednesday's Briefs! For those new to the group, every Wednesday a group of authors post a flash fiction anywhere from 500-1000 words using a verbal or written prompt. This week, I am using the written prompt, "Wow, you could cut the tension with a knife".

This week we continue with Jordan's Second Chance. Wynter is coping with his new life after some devastating revelations about his past, however, as things seem to be settling down, trouble seems to have found Jordan. I hope you enjoy this latest installation.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 3.0

            Jordan smiled as he watched the small leopard cub pounce on the clouded leopard. Wynter and Lucas were playing, chasing each other in Wynter’s backyard. He’d been hesitant at first about letting Lucas play around outside in his leopard form. However, Nana had assured him that the fence she’d had erected a week ago provided ample protection. Wynter had also assured him that it was safe. He’d told Jordan that every night to let his leopard run.

            Jordan glanced down when he felt his hip vibrate. “Hello,” he answered.


“Who is this?” Jordan snarled when the silence continued.

He’d started getting calls like this two days ago. Jordan had no idea who it could be but it was beginning to piss him off. At first he’d thought it was a mistake or prank call, however, the number of calls were increasing, erasing that theory. What also bothered Jordan was that whoever it was, only called on his work phone. He never gave his professional number out. The only ones who had it were his boss, the members of his team and their clients.

Jordan tensed when his phone rang once again. ‘Unavailable’. He wanted to ignore it, but knew there was a slim chance it could be from a potential customer. Which was why he couldn’t block ‘private or unavailable’ callers. “Hello?” he answered.


Jordan growled and hung up. He was getting tired of this. He was going to put an end to it and get a new number. His boss would want answers, but Jordan didn’t have any to give. Jordan hated bringing mess into his professional life, but this time he had no choice. Hopefully with the new number, things would calm down.

Jordan sighed and smiled as he watched Wynter shift into his human form and put his clothes back on. Lucas was still in his shifted form and trying hard to catch a butterfly.  

“Lucas, Nana has ice cream!” Wynter called out.

“Yay! Ice cream,” Lucas yelled and raced to the back porch.

Wynter laughed. “Pants!”

“Oops.” Lucas blushed as he rushed to the lawn chair and pulled his shorts on. He waved at Jordan and rushed into the house.

“Wow, you could cut the tension with a knife. What’s going on, Jordan?” Wynter asked, coming to stand beside him.

“Nothing, just work,” Jordan said after a moment’s internal debate. Wynter had a lot on his plate and Jordan didn’t want to worry him. Besides, this mess would be over in a couple of days.

“Are you sure it doesn’t have anything to do with those phone calls you’ve been getting?” Wynter asked.

“What do you mean?” Jordan asked, tense.

“Your phone has been ringing a lot lately and every time it does, you get tense.”

 Jordan ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah, it does, but I would prefer not to talk about it,” Jordan replied after a moment, not wanting to continue lying to Wynter.

“Understood. I’m here anytime you need me,” Wynter whispered, wrapping his arms around Jordan’s waist.

Jordan returned the embrace, tightening his grip. He’d never met anyone as kind or compassionate as Wynter. He was a rarity in today’s world and Jordan never wanted Wynter to lose those qualities. “Thank you. Let’s go in before Lucas eats all of the ice cream.”

Wynter laughed and headed for the door. As the pair walked into the house, Jordan’s phone rang once again. Pausing in the entryway, Jordan glanced at the caller ID. “Hello?”

“I know what you did. You can’t hide it forever.”

To be continued…
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