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Jordan's Second Chance 3.1

Hello everyone and welcome to another addition to Wednesday's Briefs! For those new to the group, every Wednesday a group of authors write a 550-1000 word flash using either a verbal or written prompt. This week I've chosen two; I'm going to use a chair and use the verbal prompt; "Oh, I love it!"

This week we continue Jordan's Second Chance. Jordan has been receiving mysterious phone calls that put him on edge. Wynter vows to get to the bottom of things and find out what those calls are about, however, will Jordan trust him enough to tell him? I hope you enjoy this latest installment.

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Jordan’s Second Chance 3.1

            Wynter smiled as Jordan growled and chased Lucas around their family room. His heart warmed at the sound of Lucas’s delighted squeal. He was such a cute and precocious child. Jordan was a good father and it showed. Lucas had once told him in a whisper that his dad was his best friend. Wynter had whispered back that his father had also been his best friend.

            Wynter shook his head, not wanting to rehash the memories. He was slowly learning to cope with the guilt he felt over his parents’ deaths. He had some good days where he could beat it off, but other days when the guilt would unexpectedly hit him and depression seemed to crush him under its weight. Nana had told him he would struggle with these feelings for a long time and to take it one day at a time. Wynter knew how lucky he was to have Jordan, Lucas and Nana in his life. They kept him grounded and gave him a reason to get out of bed every day.

            Nana’s call for dinner brought Wynter out of his reverie. “Yay, food! Let’s wash our hands together, Wynter,” Lucas called, running over to grab Wynter’s hand and pull him toward the bathroom.

            “Ok,” Wynter agreed with a smile, allowing Lucas to pull him into the half bathroom.

            They walked into the kitchen to the sight of Chicken Alfredo, a garden salad and garlic bread. Wynter’s mouth began to water. He loved Nana’s Chicken Alfredo and knew the pasta and bread were homemade. Wynter pulled his chair out and calmly took a seat, resisting the urge to lunge for his food. Nana would have his head if he didn’t display proper table manners.

            Lucas bounced in his seat and clapped his hands. “Oh, I love it!” he mumbled between a mouthful of pasta.

            “Swallow your food before you speak,” Nana and Jordan instructed together.

            Lucas nodded, shoveling in another bite. Wynter grinned. Lucas was eating as if he was afraid someone would come and snatch his plate at any moment. Picking up his fork, Wynter took a bite and groaned. His Nana was the best cook.

            Movement across the table caught Wynter’s attention. He glanced up and gasped. The heat radiating from Jordan sent shivers through his body. His cock twitched in his jeans, thickening. Wynter blushed and shifted in his seat. Jordan smirked and winked, causing a groan to escape. Jordan was just too damn sexy!

            “Wynter!” Nana scolded, nodding toward Lucas.

            Wynter jumped and dropped his head, repentant. He peeked at Jordan and stuck his tongue out at him, feeling childish. Lucas saw it and giggled. Nana shook her head and muttered as she began gathering everyone’s plates. Wynter raced around the table and kissed her cheek before grabbing the tableware to put in the dishwasher. Jordan’s phone rang and he excused himself to answer it.

            “Wynter, can I watch cartoons?” Lucas asked, grabbing his pant leg.

            “Sure, let’s go to the family room.”

            “Yay,” Lucas said and hurried over there.

            Wynter turned the television on to Lucas’s desired channel and wandered to where he’d seen Jordan disappear. He heard Jordan’s angry voice before he turned the corner of the hallway that led to the patio. “Who are you and how did you get this number?”

            Silence and then Jordan growled, “No, damn it, don’t hang up!” Jordan gripped his phone and muttered, “Damn it!”

            Wynter took a tentative step toward Jordan. “What was that about?”

            Jordan shook his head and ran his hand through his hair, frustrated. “You remember those phone calls I kept getting over the past couple of weeks?”

            “Yeah.” Wynter nodded, remembering the way Jordan tensed every time his phone rang.

            “Whoever it was, only called me on my work cell so I had it changed.”

            Wynter frowned, confused. “But that’s your personal cell phone right?” he asked, nodding toward the flat screen device that was in danger of cracking from the choke hold Jordan had on it.

            “That’s what I don’t understand. No one should have my personal number but you, Nana and Lucas. It’s almost like …

            “They’re stalking you,” Wynter finished.

            Jordan nodded. “She.”

            “She?” Wynter repeated.

            “Yes. She’s only spoken twice but I don’t recognize her voice.”

            “What did she say?”

            “She said the same thing both times. ‘I know what you did. You can’t hide it forever.’”

            Wynter shivered, that sounded ominous. “Do you know what she meant?”

            Jordan paused, hesitant. “I … I might.”

            Wynter’s brows rose in shock. He’d never seen Jordan act like this. “Jordan, what’s going on?”

            Jordan sighed and shut the patio door. He paced, raking his fingers through his hair. After a few moments, he turned toward Wynter. “I think it might have something to do with Lucas’s mother.”

            “His mother?” Wynter gasped. Jordan and Lucas had never mentioned her, so Wynter had assumed she’d died and thought it might have been too painful to bring up.

            “Yeah. I killed her.”


To be continued …
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  1. Story is compelling so far. When will you post the next chapter?

  2. Hi, I'm glad you are enjoying the story so far. I will have the next chapter ready on Wednesday. I hope you like it!